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Welcome you to LIFE Worldwide. Myself and the LW team are here to offer our support as we guide you through what we believe are the elements of being a good human whilst also being successful in life and business. Guided by our philosophy of the Triple Bs, our team of experts are here for you!

Here at LW you will find events, workshops, retreats, online tools, face to face mentoring and so much more. I encourage you to explore our website, see what fits for you and reach out if you need a hand. Thank you for joining us, I can’t wait to work with you.


Our mentoring sessions are an opportunity for Harry to share his knowledge, skills and life experience with you. He will guide you to reach your full potential during these one-on-one sessions. Harry will walk with you on your journey to success holding you accountable and encouraging you to be the best human you can be.


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Providing you with the tools you need to level up your mindset. LW will inspire you with real-life lessons from experts who have done it before. They’ll teach you how to take action, become the best version of yourself and work towards your best mindset yet.



Our body is the vehicle to take us through life, which is why LW brings you holistic wellness to prepare you, physically, for the world. We’ll help you get to where you need to be for all that life throws your way.

We will support you to form the right habits and give you the tough love to keep you on track.



Money talks, whether it’s personal or business we will guide you through expert advice to reaching your goals. We know it’s about making smarter, not harder decisions when it comes to finances. That’s why you’ll be able to learn first-hand from our money experts who have built their worth through smart decisions and want to see you do the same.

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